Listening: The Key to Comforting Families in the Funeral Profession

The Benefits of Hiring a Service Specialized in Funeral Home Answering

When a person passes, the loved ones left behind are usually in a state of grief. As a funeral director, you are aware of how the passing of a person affects their families and the deep emotional wounds it causes. The key to comforting families during this time is listening, which you provide, but will an answering service do the same? A live call service that is specialized in funeral home answering understands the nature of your calls and the state of mind that families will be in, and that listening is one of their most important jobs.

Just Listening?

Having an ear to lean to when going through an emotional time is what most people need, whether it's death or some other issue in life. With death, however, that comforting place to lean is even more important, as emotions run high and wild while a person tries to deal with the new state of their family.

The act of listening is not just having an ear to the phone. You specifically engage in active listening, or listening with intent. You’re listening to these families to gauge their needs, understand more about the family, and most importantly, about the deceased person. An answering service that’s specialized in funeral home answering will be trained to do the same as well. Their specific job is to make the family comfortable and provide top service to every caller.

Distracted Listening

You have so much to do with making arrangements, paperwork, First Calls, and more. Taking calls may seem like an easy and thoughtless task you perform, but with everything you do and the fact that calls come in at all hours, whether you’re at the funeral home or away, you can easily be busy with other things while taking a call.

You might call it multitasking, but being distracted while speaking with grieving families can actually be sensed. Most people are fully aware when they have your full attention. With a live call operation specialized in funeral home answering, you can avoid the distracted calls. You’re free to complete other duties, but can rest assured that your callers are receiving a listening ear to comfort them.

With a service specialized in funeral home answering, you can be sure that the lines of communication are open and the trained specialists understand active listening is the key to providing a comforting experience for families.