Live Demos of Our Funeral Home Answering Services

Live Demos are Now Available at Director On Call

Our account customization process answers your specific needs and offers Funeral Homes the ability to decide just about everything our Call Specialists can do!

"Having the opportunity to demo our system to our clients and potential clients allows them to see how we can customize their own account for transparency. They like the idea of having two First Call forms; one for facilities and one for families so we ensure proper information is secured; nothing less, nothing more.

There is also the concern that we won't be familiar with their area. Funeral Homes like the idea of us listing all the local Hospitals and Nursing Homes, alphabetized with drop boxes eliminating the need to ask for spelling, phone numbers and addresses. We need to be as educated as possible and with all the features our system offers we are able to handle calls the same way the Funeral Home would." Linda Murphy-Kreimes/Sales Manager

Requesting a live demo means that you get to interface with our team live and ask them questions about your answering account needs.

You can customize the answering script to your specific needs (i.e., the questions the Call Specialists ask, the opening and closing phrases the Call Specialists say, etc.!). You can also decide on the method by which you'd like messages taken and delivered - we can send via text message, email, fax or by calling. The choice is yours!