Quality Assurance: What to Expect from a Funeral Home Answering Service

Quality assurance is an important aspect of providing goods or services. It is the maintenance/activities in a quality system that ensure the fulfillment of quality requirements and in the prevention of mistakes and problems in a product or service. When using a funeral home answering service, quality assurance is essential to ensuring that your families are receiving the care and service they, as well as you, expect.

Here is what you should expect from a funeral home answering service with respect to quality assurance.

Call Recording and Reviewing

Recording calls is essential to quality assurance. This gives you or supervisors of the answering service the ability to go back and review calls on a regular basis to ensure they are maintaining standards.

Extensive Training

In order to make sure that call agents have the information they need about your funeral home, the answering service should find out from you everything they need and train call specialists so that they are as informed as anyone working at the funeral home. All call specialists go through extensive training that evaluates their abilities in the areas necessary to function for a funeral home. This includes typing, comprehension, grammar and more.

Close Supervision

With close supervision, calls are reviewed on a regular basis. Call specialists receive close supervision as they start out to ensure that they understand and can implement what they learned during training.

Regular Testing and Evaluation

A funeral home answering service that stands behind what they do conducts regular testing and evaluations of their system and call specialists. This ensures that call specialists constantly maintain high levels of service at all times.

You should also be able to give your input on how they render services to your families and make changes or suggestions as necessary.

Transparency is also essential. You have direct access to the call recordings, the ability to make changes and suggestions and to receive any support you need to ensure that they uphold the quality assurance measures. Live answering services receive awards for their high standard of quality service. Measurable features are typically the basis for these awards, including accuracy, professionalism, and overall knowledge of the funeral home.

Quality assurance is necessary to keep standards met and if there is a faulty area, the problem is quickly eradicated. With a live answering service, you get quality assurance measures that ensure families receive quality care when calling your funeral home.