The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Answering Funeral Home Calls

Here's What Not to Do When Answering Funeral Home Calls

When your phone rings, it’s usually someone reporting a death or a person that’s lost someone. They may be experiencing many emotions and need to get/give important information. With this in mind, the way the phone is answered is very important. If callers are turned off during calls, they’ll likely turn elsewhere for service. All advice isn’t good advice, and here is some of the worst we’ve heard for answering funeral home calls.

Get through calls quickly

Calls may pile up and some think it necessary to get through calls quickly by just robotically providing information to keep lines clear. However, you should be providing a sympathetic ear. For those on the other line, emotions may be at play, making the call more difficult to get through. Rushing through one call to clear lines for others can backfire. The people you rush through are likely to go elsewhere to find better service.

Correct information is essential when reporting a death or providing information on services your funeral home provides. On both ends of the conversation, information needs to be conveyed. If any information is wrong, it could lead to costly and reputation-damaging results.

A funeral home answering service can solve this problem, especially if you miss calls frequently or find yourself rushing to make sure you catch every incoming call. There’s no pressure to rush to the phone because an operator is available, even when you or your staff isn’t.

Answer calls during a funeral or family meeting

Some funeral directors will answer their phones anywhere, any time. That’s not always a good idea. While it’s true every call is important, so are your other functions. It might be tempting to answer your phone no matter what you’re doing, but you’ll do yourself a disservice. Families want to feel like a priority, but if you’re constantly taking calls while meeting—or worse yet, during a funeral—you’ll lose business and tarnish your reputation.

Employing the use of a funeral home answering service can alleviate the need to constantly answer the phone. Having dedicated call specialists ensures calls are always answered.

Whether you’re running a busy funeral home or are just programmed to answer your phone every time it rings, there are right and wrong ways to do so. Showing people they’re important is vital, and a funeral home answering service can help you avoid falling prey to the worst advice in answering calls.