The Pros And Cons Of Using An Answering Service for Your Funeral Home

Weigh Out These Pros and Cons to See Why an Answering Service Could Benefit You

The service you offer to grieving families is invaluable. The decision to use an answering service for your funeral home is important and should be given serious thought. With anything there are advantages as well as disadvantages. Before making the decision, weigh out these pros and cons to see why an answering service could benefit you.


A funeral home answering service can be an invaluable tool to help you make sure that any person calling for assistance is helped, whether you or anyone at your funeral home is able to answer the call or not. The benefits include:

  • Ability to speak with a live person and receive that personal touch

  • Phones services are available 24/7/365

  • You won’t experience missed calls

  • The right service will provide trained professionals familiar with the type of service a funeral director needs

  • Frees people up to handle other important tasks

  • Gives you the freedom of being away to answer messages at your discretion based on urgency


Just as there are advantages to using an answering service for your funeral home, there are also drawbacks. Depending on your needs these could outweigh the benefits to you, but with a quality service tailored to the needs of funeral directors, many of these can be overcome.

  • You don’t have much control over who answers the phone

  • There could be issues with confidentiality if you’re not careful of the service you employ

  • If the call representatives are from different countries, language/accents could pose a problem

  • The call specialists are not your staff; you don’t know each other or work together closely

  • There could be an issue of limited support, and the call representatives may not be able to answer all of a family’s questions

A shared pro and con for using answering services is cost. On one hand, there could be a cost-savings if your other option is a full time and after-hours receptionist or if you're losing business because no one is available to take calls. But it could also be considered a con because it is more expensive than automated answering machines.

You aim to provide impeccable and compassionate funeral services to people going through stressful situations. Anything you add should enhance your reputation and possess the values and kindness you deliver. With these pros and cons, you can make an informed decision as to whether a funeral home answering service is right for you.