Top 3 Things Funeral Home Callers Need to Hear

How to Handle Funeral Home Calls

Losing a loved one is hard. It takes a toll, especially emotionally. Along with the passing, there comes the responsibility of arranging for burial. When calling your funeral home amidst these emotions, handling these calls with care is essential.

Below are the top three things callers need to hear from your funeral home.


The first thing your callers expect to hear is a greeting. They want a greeting from a compassionate and professional voice — a real person that can empathize or sympathize with their situation. Working in a funeral home is unlike most other positions because the utmost standard is required at all times by the families of the deceased. There is an expectation to be compassionate and caring towards them. When calling your funeral home, the greeting sets the tone for how the rest of the call and any other interactions will proceed.

Answers and Solutions

The people that call are in need of some type of assistance. It could be as simple as scheduling an appointment, or they could need in-depth information on prices and services. Whatever the reason is for the call, they want to get solutions to their problems and answers to their questions. Confidence and accuracy are essential when providing information to callers. You want to be prepared to answer any question or direct them to someone that can help them. The person taking the calls should not be fumbling around or confuse the caller with bad information.

Active Listening

With emotions running high and families grieving, sometimes callers just need a good listener. Many times, they will go into stories or take some time to get to the reason they called. In effect, they want to hear that you are listening to the things they say. You listening to them is helpful. It helps them to release some of the stress they're going through and work to move on.

You should also be listening to find out any information they aren't directly telling you while talking. They could be sharing valuable information about the deceased that would be helpful in providing services to them.

When calling your funeral home, people are dealing with many emotions. They want to hear certain things that give them confidence in your abilities and helps them deal with their feelings including the greeting, information relayed, and listening to them.