How do you maintain your high level of service?


We maintain our high level of call service by continually training and testing our Call Specialists and by gauging customer feedback. Every one of our operators undergoes a monthly review with a supervisor. We also distribute customer feedback forms to our clients to ensure that we are exceeding our client’s needs.

+ What advantages can Director on Call offer my Funeral Home?

All calls at Director on Call are digitally recorded and closely monitored by our Vice President and Operations Manager, to ensure we are providing world class service on each and every call. Winners of the Platinum Plus Award of Excellence for 18 consecutive years of outstanding service, and ranked as one of the Top 2 Telephone Answering Service/Call Centers in North America in 2018 (NAEO), proves we are doing just that! We carefully customize your account and operate under your exact instructions to allow for a seamless transfer of your calls. Additionally, you can log onto our website and listen to your calls for your own quality control measures. We regularly run stats to ensure quick response time and minimal hold time. With our competitive advantage, you will not be disappointed.

+ I have a funeral home in America. Do you bill in U.S. Dollars?

Absolutely! To better serve our clients we invoice in both Canadian and U.S. Dollars.

+ How much does your service cost?

We offer a variety of rate plans that will suit everyone’s needs and anyone’s budget. All rate plans are based on 24/7 access allowing you to randomly call forward, call forward after hours or around the clock. We work closely with our clients ensuring they are on the best plan which can be increased or decreased at anytime.

+ How is the usage rate calculated?

The usage rate is billed per minute but is calculated per second. It is difficult to determine the average length of a call until your needs are determined and the type of services that are required.

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+ Is there a set up fee?

Yes, there is a set up fee. This fee will vary depending on the length of the script and the amount of programming time.

+ In what languages can you provide service?

Director on Call’s first language is English. Although through partnerships with affiliate companies we are able to provide bilingual services if necessary. The call would initiate with a universal greeting saying press 1 for English, press 2 for French and press 3 for Spanish and the call would be routed accordingly.