What is a Virtual Receptionist?

We define a Virtual Receptionist in the answering service industry as a third-party service that answers your funeral home lines for you. These remote receptionists are live operators that take messages or forward calls.

Am I able to choose my own answer phrase?

Absolutely. Everything is customizable from your answer phrase to the call scripting. We make it our goal to ensure our call handling is exactly to your specification.

What kind of training do your operators undergo?

We created a rigorous training program for our operators in partnership with a Funeral Director. Our operators know that it takes a seamless blend of empathy, professionalism and understanding to properly handle your calls.

My on-call schedule changes frequently. How can I update it?

There are multiple choices available to you. You can call, email, or text. Or you can share your schedule and it automatically updates.

What is your process for a First Call?

Our operators are trained to handle the sensitive nature of a first call with the dignity and respect your clients deserve. You have the option of choosing one of our example scripts, or create your own to prioritize the information you need most.

How many times will my line ring before Director On Call answers?

On average, we answer the phone on the second ring. 98% of our calls are answered within 14 seconds.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

The initial contract for Director on Call is six months. After the six months have passed, you can cancel with 30 days notice. We recommend this time frame in order to ensure use of the service and satisfaction can be measured appropriately. 

How does the call forwarding service work?

We provide you with a toll-free forwarding number for your funeral home which allows your callers to contact you without incurring long distance fees.