When a family calls your funeral home, they may need immediate assistance after a loss of a loved one.   It is at that moment, that you need to ensure you are empathetic, and be professional enough to gather all the relevant information. people. As you know, family needs in the time of loss must be the priority regardless of time of day.

Director on Call allows for every call that comes into your funeral home, from general inquiries regarding services or in an emotional state during a first call to be answered with sympathy, professionalism, and compassion. Director on Call is the premiere Funeral Director Answering Service in Ontario.

Being a family-owned company, Director on Call specializes in delivering superior service to their clients which is still unmatched. We understand how crucial this business is and accordingly we handle all the members of a family in a caring and empathetic manner. We pride ourselves for offering the most reliable and expert phone answering service to every funeral home in a professional manner.

What we offer:

1)      Our Agents are trained by funeral professionals before answering for any funeral home. We understand industry specific terminology and answer compassionately.

2)      We assure that our professional agents can enhance the efficiency of your business by delivering superior service. Our Agents are constantly monitored on Quality Control and part of mystery call testing annually by three separate professional organizations.  

3)      Our professional team of expert virtual receptionists will work according to your specification and instruction. From our sales team to the programmers we have, we work to understand your funeral home nuances and answer accordingly.

4)      We provide 24/7 service to meet your requirement and attend your callers smoothly. They are friendly and courteous.

For more information, you can contact us here or at 1-800-975-7716.