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We Understand Tradition

Director on Call has been family owned and operated since 1948. We understand the value of legacy in companies, and work to ensure that we are looking forward to our third generation.

We also know that businesses change and grow like in all areas of life. Director on Call works to stay ahead of the curve in services we offer. We remember why and where we started, but by focusing our energy on the future, we have been successful in staying competitive being early adopters of many new technologies and integration with our clients.

Understanding and Experience 

Our Agents undergo very specific training before answering for any of our Funeral Homes clients. We have partnered with Funeral Directors to ensure that we understand the nuance needed in answering any Funeral Home call. We work with our clients to have specific details in the areas they serve; everything from service details, to floral shops, and local branches of charities for donation calls.

Tradition Meets Innovation 

We use the latest in technology to ensure our clients get the service that they've come to depend on. We are able to provide traditional customer service with innovative and secure call answering technology. 


Peace of Mind 

Our database is backed up on several fronts so that it's always available to you. Each and every call is digitally recorded and accessible 24/7/365. We are always on, so you never have to worry about missing information about At Need calls.