Here are some of the features you should consider when setting up your account: 

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  • Your greeting: how we should answer your calls

  • What information do you want us to provide your callers? Business hours? Office locations? Pricing? Pre-planning resources?

  • Do we patch new client calls to the On-Call Funeral Director or gather the information and forward by email or text message?

  • Does the Managing Funeral director want a daily recap of all messages received?

  • What process should we follow for existing clients?

  • Your method of call forwarding, be it rollover, time of day, or straight call forwarding.

  • First Call procedures.

Building Relationships

We understand how funeral directors need to build trust and transparency with families, so our packages are based on the same premise. You pay, only if we are working on your account. Our pricing options give you a block of included minutes to be used during a calendar month. If you exceed your allotment, we will bill you by the minute, in 6 second increments for usage during that same calendar month. To help with charge backs, we offer a detailed call report. Every plan includes live receptionists 24/7, call patching, bilingual service, appointment scheduling, fully tailored to you setup, messages via text/email and 24/7 live support.

Still not convinced?

We offer a complete 21-Day Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with our services, we will refund your usage.