Message Taking

Whether you are a third generation Funeral Home, or are just starting, your business depends on being available when the call comes in. Director on Call is your best option to providing discrete and efficient answering service all day, every day. Our Agents follow a customized script so that they answer the phone as if they were your in-house staff.  We understand that every client is different and have reliable processes to ensure that you receive your message in a way that is convenient for you – whether by email, text or a phone call.

We understand that not every call is an emergency, so we will follow your existing protocols and procedures for escalation. We will ask the right questions and then route the information to you based on a predefined service level agreement.

Client Intake

Whether you are busy with a family, at a service or enjoying some downtime, our trained Agents can capture all of the pertinent information for a First Call. Our experienced Agents, using our state-of-the-art telephony system, capture caller ID, subject matter and all pertinent information you need to respond to your client. Every call is recorded and monitored for quality assurance and are available to you via our e-portal.

Once we have completed taking the caller’s information, we can forward the info to you based on your specific instructions. Options for dispatch include patching priority calls to On-Call Director or forwarding the information via email to a designated email or text address.

Virtual Receptionist

A ringing phone means business - unless the calls are not answered by a live person! Few companies can afford the luxury of a full-time receptionist, but Director on Call Virtual Receptionist service is not only affordable, it can actually make you money.

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Our Agents are trained to answer the phones exactly the way your in-house Receptionist would. Whether it is office hours, location, obituary information or service details, our detailed scripts ensure that our staff have the information they need at their fingertips.

To put it into perspective, Glassdoor reports that the average salary for a receptionist is $30,000 per year. Compare that to our average client who pays us $6,000 per year, and the advantages just add up.

Overflow Call Handling Services

If you are currently taking the chance of missing critical calls by depending on hit-or-miss telephone coverage, we have good news for you: Director on Call offers a flexible month-to-month telephone coverage plan that's customized to suit the needs of your firm. Our services range from full 24-hour coverage to as little as one-call-a-day or one-hour-a-day service to relieve your in-house receptionist during lunch hour. Whether you need regular, year-round telephone coverage or simply require a bit of extra help during especially busy periods when call volume is high, Director on Call is available to meet all your telephone answering needs.