What does Award Winning Customer Service mean to Director on Call? Find out more in regards to the professional organizations we are a part of, and how we consistently score high on the CAM-X, ATSI, and NAEO grading systems. 

These three organizations ensure that standards are maintained throughout the year, and that our Call Specialists are consistently providing exceptional customer service in representing your funeral home. These blind "mystery calls" allows for our Call Specialists and management to continue to train in a manner that ensures that every single call is answered by agents who are: 

  • Highly trained

  • Experienced

  • Professional

  • Dedicated, and

  • Compassionate

We are proud of the work that our Team consistently does to ensure our top tier customer support, year after year. 

All plans include: 

  • Real time text/email/fax option and/or daily review

  • 24 hour access to a live operator

  • 24 hour access to every call taken on your account

  • Voicemail transcription

Optional Features 

  • Calendar: Ensure you're never interrupted during a meeting or service again. Share your calendar to keep up to date on events at the funeral home, visitations and services. We can even schedule appointments for you.

  • Live Chat: No need to return a call. Your client can get the answers they need with the click of a button. Through your website, they are able to speak with a representative in real time, just like a phone call.